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Product model:SNT008Z

Product Category:Wi-Fi Zigbee Gateway


Product Color:White

Battery Type:NO

Function Description

  • The gateway is the brain of the zigbee system; it could remotely manage and control up to 128 zigbee devices on one APP, including: zigbee door sensor, zigbee motion detector, zigbee smoke/gas detector, zigbee socket/switch, camera, etc. Wifi/Zigbee in one: Wifi remote control; local zigbee controls even if the wifi not works. 



Product Size:85*85*35 mm

Net Weight:200 g

Warranty:12 month

Power Supply Type:main power

Rated Power(W):44W/220V 22W/110V

Rated Voltage(V):110V 220V


Max number of sub-devices:100

Zigbee Smart Gateway 110/220V Plugin Small Size

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