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Professional Product

Xtrm Tek offers a series of technology infrastructure solutions. These solutions include the various hardware and software components that are used to create and manage modern digital networks, devices, and applications. It highlights the importance of building a reliable and robust technology foundation to support a wide range of digital products and services.

Network Products



We offer all-optical network products to enable data transmission over fiber-optic cables without the need for electrical-to-optical signal conversion. These products include optical amplifiers, optical switches, wavelength division multiplexers (WDMs), and other components that facilitate high-speed and efficient optical data transfer.


Industrial Grade

We also offer Industrial grade network products that are designed to operate reliably in harsh and challenging environments. These products are rugged, durable, and resistant to extreme temperatures, moisture, and vibration. They include switches, routers, firewalls, and other network components that are built to withstand the rigours of industrial settings such as factories, warehouses, and outdoor installations.

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Energy Storage Products



Photovoltaic products are devices that convert sunlight directly into electricity using solar cells. These products include solar panels, solar modules, and other solar-powered equipment. 

Our solutions, based on industry-leading product quality, standardized technical teams, and a regulated design system, not only provide roofs with aesthetics, environmental friendliness, and technology, but also bring considerable economic benefits.


Lithium Power Storage

Our top-quality and eco-friendly lithium power storage solutions are the best companion for photovoltaic products. 

Experience uninterrupted power supply with our reliable and high-performance lithium power storage solutions, and maximize your renewable energy investment and optimize energy usage

Commercial IoT Products



Commercial-grade sensors are designed to be durable, accurate, and able to operate in a wide range of conditions. They can be used in various industries, such as manufacturing, healthcare, and logistics, to monitor equipment, track inventory, and improve safety.



IoT-enabled lights can be controlled remotely and provide energy-efficient lighting solutions. Commercial-grade lights are designed for use in large commercial spaces, such as offices, warehouses, and retail stores, and can be programmed to adjust lighting levels based on occupancy, time of day, and other factors.


Window Coverings

IoT-enabled window coverings can be remotely controlled and provide energy-saving solutions. Commercial-grade window coverings are designed to be durable and able to handle frequent use in busy environments, such as hotels, hospitals, and office buildings.



IoT-enabled switches can be remotely controlled and programmed to turn on/off devices, appliances, and other equipment. Commercial grade switches are designed to be reliable and scalable, allowing them to be used in large commercial spaces where multiple devices need to be controlled simultaneously.

Display Products

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LCD Splice Display Screen

Our LCD splice displays offer high brightness, wide viewing angles, and the ability to display content in a variety of formats, including video, images, and text. They are also known for their reliability and durability, making them ideal for use in high-traffic areas. LCD splice displays come in a range of sizes and configurations, with some models offering the ability to display content in 4K resolution or higher.

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LED Module Screen

LED module screen is a display screen composed of multiple LED modules, each of which contains multiple LED lamps. They are usually used in outdoor billboards, sports stadiums, and large-scale event venues that require high brightness, high definition, and long-term operation. LED module screens have high contrast and brightness, and can display images and videos clearly under various lighting conditions.


Screen Controllers

Screen controllers are typically integrated into the display itself or housed in a separate device, such as a video card or docking station. They can support a variety of display technologies, including LCD, OLED, and LED, and can also provide advanced features such as multiple display support, image scaling, and color calibration.

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Monitoring Products


Professional Monitoring Devices

We are one of the major distributors of professional surveillance solution suppliers such as Hikvision, Dahua and Uniview. We offer professional security cameras, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, including PTZ cameras. Our 4K cameras have a rugged design, infrared night vision, and high weatherproof ratings. With expert technical support in Canada, we provide unbeatable quality and value to protect your home or business.


AI Pushstream Boxes

We offer a variety of AI-enhanced video pushstream boxes automatically adjusting the camera focus, optimizing video quality, or providing real-time video analytics.

Security Cameras

4G/5G Products


Mobile Hotspot

Mobile Hotspot, or mobile WiFi/MiFi, is a device that creates a wireless hotspot for multiple devices by connecting to a cellular network. It is ideal for use on the go and typically has a built-in battery for several hours of use. Portable WiFi devices support multiple cellular bands and some offer advanced security features like VPN support.


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