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  • Intel 82599EN 10 Gigabit Ethernet Controller: Unified Networking Delivering LAN, iSCSI, NFS and FCoE in One Low Cost CNA. I/O Virtualization Innovations, Support VMDq, PCI-SIG&SR-IOV Implementation. 
  • SFP Connections: 10Gb Single SFP+ ports, support 10GBASE-SR, 10GBASE-LR and SFP+ Copper Direct Attach cable, PCIe 2.0 x 8. 
  • Features: Intel Ethernet Flow Director for Hardware-based Application Traffic Steering. Excellent Small Packet Performance for Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), data Plane Development Kit (DPDK) Optimised for Efficient Packet Processing 
  • Easy to Install: Package with half & full height bracket. Enables higher bandwidth and throughput from tall and short profile PCIe slots and servers. 
  • Operating System: Support IA32 X64 IPF, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2/2008 R2 Core, Linux SLES 11 SP1, Windows Vista* SP2, Windows Server* 2003 SP2/2008 SP2/2008 SP2 Core, Linux* Stable Kernel version 2.6, Linux RHEL 4.8, Linux RHEL 5.5, Linux SLES 10 SP3, Linux SLES 11, FreeBSD* 8.0, EFI* 1.1, UEFI* 2.1.

10G Ethernet Network Card, 10Gb Single-Port SFP+ Port with Intel 82599EN Chipset

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