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Product model:H501-WiFi Security Alarm Kit

Product Category:Security Sensor Kits


Product Color:White

Function Description

  • The home security smart panel is powered with 600MHZ high-speed chip, 32MB memory,New Xsense UI interactive interface,which is 10 times faster than other product in the market.
  • Using 4.3-inch IPS full-color display, 12mm Ultra-thin body,the design is nice and elegant .
  • Also we introudced OTA updates to our devices. Software can be upgrated through OTA. OTA technology can provide free software upgrade and more value-added services.
  • The design and functions can be customized per your requirements.



Product Size:207*147*77 mm

Net Weight:0.5 g

Warranty:12 month

Power Supply Type:DC5V 1.0A,Micro USB

Operation environment:Indoor

Security Sensor Kits-3