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Product model:Signal Repeater

Product Category:Repeater


Product Color:White

Battery Type:Lithium Battery

Function Description

  • Signal expansion is faster and more stable
  • Placing the paired amplifier between the detector and the host area can effectively help the detector to improve signal strength.
  • Strong signal through walls without blind spots
  • The wireless signal sent by the auxiliary detector passes through the wall, and the expander is added according to the specific environment to eliminate the blind spot of the signal.
  • Wide coverage up to 500 meters
  • The multi-arc signal covers the corners where the signal is needed, helping to expand the signal sent by the signal detector, so that the host can receive it normally.
  • Detachable antenna
  • Install the antenna to increase the reception and transmission distance of the signal amplifier.



Product Size:160*70*20 mm

Net Weight:300 g

Warranty:12 month

Power Supply Type:Battery


Max number of sub-devices:10

WiFi Signal Repeater Wireless Extender Long Range Booster