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Product model: ZG233

Product Category: Door/Window Sensor

Protocol: Wi-Fi

Product Color: White

Battery Type: Dry Battery

Function Description

  • WiFi door & window sensors, using high-sensitivity Hall sensors, with a high-performance microprocessor, with good stability, support WiFi wireless protocol connection, can be cell phone remote real-time view of the installation of bad device status; wiring-free, no complex installation; can be used with intelligent lighting and cameras and other devices intelligent linkage.
  • Support custom naming and installation location, can be used with multiple devices, all added devices are supported to individually modify the name and use the scene location, when the sensor is triggered will also be real-time message push, that is, to achieve the home life intelligence, but also to bring the family more security protection

Certification: CE

Product Size: 69*29*19 mm

Net Weight: 33 g

Warranty: 12 month

Packing List: Device*1,User Manual*1

Power Supply Type: Dry cell

WiFi Door Window Sensor