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Product model: TYWFC4-45

Product Category: LED Controller

Protocol: Wi-Fi

Product Color: BLACK

Function Description

  • Connection via WIFI signal and controlled by APP

- Smart Life.

  • The APP compatible with both Android and IOS system.
  • Full range of dimming and color changing solutions available include: Dimming / CCT / RGB / RGB+W / RGB+CCT.
  • Third-party intelligent speaker voice control work with Amazon Alexa and Google assistant.
  • Function button usage: Turn ON/OFF the device;
  1. Long press over 6’s to reset and network pairing.
  2. Variety of APP functions available including: Timer, dimming and color changing, group sharing and account sharing etc.
  3. Remote control after connecting to internet.

Certification: UL,CE,RoHS,ETL

Material: 0

Product Size: 364*33*18 mm

Carton Size: 490*260*420 mm

Warranty: 12 month

Packing List: Smart WIFI Waterproof LED Strip Controller(C4)

Number of output: 5-way

Operation environment: Indoor

Connection Mode: Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

Smart WIFI Waterproof LED Strip Controller(C4)