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Product model:SD12IL-003

Product Category:Smoke Alarm/ Detector


Product Color:white

Battery Type:Lithium Battery

Function Description

  • 10 years long-life lithiumbattery applied.2. All-digital detection technologydesign can avoid false alarm caused by electronic noise.3. I/O port for interconnection,which is more reliable and web free.4. WIFI/Zigbee trigger applied to change normal smokes to be smart one.5. DC power supply,10 yearslong-life battery backup.6.Up to 48 pieces interconnectionby wires in a network.7. Standby power <0.1VA.8. Digital technology, less falsealarm,5 Years Warranty.9. I/O for interconnection, couldbe interconnected with other smokes with I/O ports .10. WIFI/Zigbee trigger applied to be a smart one.



Product Size:130*120*40 mm

Net Weight:120 g

Warranty:12 month

Power Supply Type:DC

Operation environment:Indoor

Smoke Alarm-6