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Product model:CLDMC3-43

Product Category:LED Controller


Product Color:WHITE

Function Description

  • Adopt WIFI+2.4G dual control scheme, both of the APP and remote control could control the light at the same time and they are mutually linked.
  • Connect via WIFI and control with the mobile phone APP. The APP supports both Android and IOS systems. APP operation functions are diversified that include: timing, color adjustment, group control and account sharing, etc.; And it support voice control through third-party intelligent speakers like: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Tmall Genie, Xiaodu, etc.; could be remotely controlled after connecting to the Internet.
  • Equipped with an 11-key remote control, the farthest control distance is up to 20 meters, and brightness, speed, mode adjustment and group control can be performed via the remote controller.
  • Function button's usage: Turn ON/OFF the light; long press for more than 6 seconds to reset network pairing ;



Product Size:195*45*16 mm

Net Weight:0.035 g

Warranty:12 month

Packing List:LED Controller*1

Number of output:5-way

IP Rating:IP20

Working Lifespan:50,000 hours

Input Voltage:DC 12~24V

Output Current:Max. 2A

Output Power:Max. 48W

Connection Mode:Wi-Fi & Bluetooth

LED Controller-2