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Product model:SL-S40

Product Category:Strip Lights

Product Color:White

Function Description

  • Remote Control: Control your wifi smart LED strip via your smartphone no matter whenever and wherever. Follow up the music melody.
  • Scheduling : Schedule the wifi led RGB strip to automatically power on and off as needed, comedown turn on/off.
  • Away Mode: Turns your wifi led RGB strip on and off at different times to give the display someone in home.
  • No Hub Required: The smart wifi led RGB works with only bluetooth network without any separate hub.
  • Voice Control: Use voice commands control your smart RGB strip and change different colour by Alexa, Google Assistant or IFTTT.
  • Install: Download free smart life app easy to install and easy to use.
  • Group setting: Create a group control several led strips at once.


Product Size:500*10*2 mm

Net Weight:450 g

Warranty:12 month

Packing List

1 5M RGB+IC led light strip+ user manual+12V/2A adaptor

Power Supply Type:DC

Operation environment:Indoor

IP Rating:65

Color Temperature:RGB


Music Melody RGB+IC Music