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Product model:CT60W

Product Category:PIR Motion Detector


Product Color:black

Battery Type:Dry Battery

Function Description

  • dual infrared + intelligent volume recognition + reflector + artificial intelligence quadruple technology;
  • intelligent identification technology, standby 30uA, battery up to 3 months, no need to replace the battery;
  • double lens and double temperature compensation technology;
  • adopt mirror detection technology: effectively overcome the defect that the traditional detector does not alarm when it creeps in;
  • Fresnel optical lens can effectively prevent false alarm and missing alarm;
  • detection distance: 12m@25 ℃
  • detection angle: 110 degrees;
  • white light resistance 10000lux;
  • pet proof 25kg;
  • Fifi standard IEEE802 Wireless standard 11g / N;
  • alarm output: WiFi transmission alarm;


Product Size:105*55*43 mm

Power Supply Type:dry battery

Operation environment:Indoor