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Product model:AP5006

Product Category:Air Purifier


Product Color:white

Function Description
1. Pre-filter
2. H13 HEPA filter
3. Activated carbon filter
4. Photocatalyst filter
5. UV lights
6. Anion

  1. Remove dust, PM2.5 and allergen such as pollen, up to 99.97%
  2. Absorb kinds of bad smells and TVOC such as secondhand smoke, formaldehyde.
  3. Kill bacterias and virus, such as H1N1 virus, up to 99.99%
  4. Make air refersh.
  • Function:
  1. Digital display shows air quality
  2. Smart TuYa WiFi control machine
  3. Touch panel / Remote control
  4. Child Lock
  5. UV lights



Product Size:462*268*558 mm

Power Supply Type:AC power socket

Rated Power(W):65

Rated Voltage(V):110-220

Net Weight(KG):12


Control Mode:Intelligent Agreement,Remote Control,Touch Control

Recommended Coverage Area(㎡):45-75

Applicable Place:Bedroom, Basement, Cottage, Motorhome, Storeroom, Video room, Living room

Timing Function:Timing boot

Maximum timing time(h):8


Particulate Matter CCM:P4(above 12000mg)

Formaldehyde CCM:F4(above 1500mg)

Noise at the highest sound power level(dB):65

Noise at the lowest sound power level(dB):20

Purification Core Method:HEPA Filter

Types of Contaminants Treated:PM2.5,Pollen,Allergen,Germ

Useful Function of Purifier

  • Air pollutant digital display,Filter classification replacement reminder,Equipped with universal wheel with lock,Air quality indicator light

Air Purifier