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Product model: 9200N-WiFi

Product Category: PIR Motion Detector

Protocol: Wi-Fi

Product Color: White

Function Description

  • Our products is design for IoT Smart Home solutions , especially for elder people. To improve and raise our living quality and create brand new lifestyle. With TuyaSmart APP, adding the device into Tuya IoT Solution Platform. This product we using a high precision 8 x 8 Thermopile Array Sensor as the main sensor to capture, collect and analyze temperature (energy) distribution data to obtain the correct information to further receive the output temperature from the device.
  • Specification and Working Principle:
  1. Using 8*8 Thermopile Array sensor
  2. Distance : 3 m (Maximum Distance)
  3. FOV : H: 35 degree/V: 35 degree view angle
  4. Working Temperature : ≤30°C
  5. Using Tuya IoT Solution Platform : Tuya WiFi 2.4Ghz
  6. APP : TuyaSmart (iOS/Android)
  7. Automatic detection and analytic individual energy and behavior.
  8. The device will report alarm automatically and continue for 10 seconds.
  9. Support 3 users profile
  10. Collect temperature and analyse history data automatically.
  • Detection Methodology: This product is suitable for home and bathroom.
  • Simple Setup :
  1. WiFi setting
  2. Install the device as you need, such as bathroom and bedroom, etc.
  3. Plug in the power.

Certification: CE,FCC

Product Size: 46*34*85 mm

Packing List: Fall Down Detector /model. 9200N-WiFi/dimension: 46x34x85mm/device for IoT applications

Power Supply Type: External AC-to-DC 5V/1A switching power adapter

Operation environment: Indoor

Fall Down Detector