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Pairs: 4 Twisted Pairs

Wire Gauge: 24 AWG

Connector Plating: Contact Gold Plating 50u" (Short Body)

Strain Relief: Molded

Color Code: Stranded 568B

Certifications: RoHS Compliant

  • Cat5e cables (also called network cables, patch cables, computer cables, Ethernet cables and LAN cables) are used to connect components like printers, computers, copy machines, routers, servers, modems and switches. This network cable is manufactured to exacting specifications, using superior materials, for optimal network performance. This network cable is the ideal solution for connecting networked components like computers, printers, Internet-enabled gaming systems and Blu-ray players, copy machines, routers and modems in a home or office application.

Fast Transfer Speed

  • With lightning-fast speeds of up to 1GB per second, our booted ethernet cables provide reliable, efficient data transfer for server applications, cloud storage, video streaming and more. Our patch cables support up to 350MHz.

High-Quality Materials

  • All of our cables use Gold-plated RJ-45 connectors as well as high quality wiring to increase connectivity quality and to prevent corrosion. Our cables only use the best materials to ensure a top-notch connection for years to come.

8 Conductors, 4 Twisted Pair

  • 4 Pair, Unshielded Twisted Pairs (UTP), 24AWG, thick and high quality material conductors for optimal signal strength.

Gold Plated Contacts

  • In order to increase the Cat 5e’s Cable performance, made the connection contacts with gold plated in order to protect the entire surface. The 8P8C dual-line position is durable and resistant for plug-in and plug-out’s.

New Boot-Depress Design

  • A new design from features a compact size cable boot, which protects the plug-retaining clip; This shaped boot makes it easier to depress the clip and protective cover to insert it.

Flexible & Durable

  • All our patch cables are encased in a durable PVC jacket for maximum protection and flexibility. The PVC coating protects the cable against water, dust, and other contaminants to prevent network connectivity errors and keep your devices running smoothly.

Multiple Lengths, Meet Your Need

  • Available Lengths for choice: 0.5, 1, 3, 6, 10, 15, 25, 50, 75, 100 feet, fully meet your different needs.

Widely Use

  • High Performance Cat5e RJ45 Ethernet Cable provides universal connectivity for LAN network components such as PCs, computer servers, printers, routers, switch boxes, network media players, NAS, VoIP phones, PoE devices, and more.
  • Snag-free boot
  • Tested to 350Mhz
  • Molded strain relief
  • CAT5e UTP patch cable
  • T-568B stan