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Explore our professional video surveillance devices
Network camera, network video recorder, storage, transmission, and display and more...



As a leading security camera service provider, Xtrm Tek can meet your security needs in different scenarios. Our IP cameras render high-quality images even in a low illumination environment while featuring smart functions based on video content analytics, and minimizing bandwidth and storage. The most important business value of them is to provide excellent performance at an affordable price.



Data transmission in the surveillance industry is important. When transferring data from one device to another,  our network cables and switches take precautions to ensure the safety and stability of your data by building a whole surveillance system.


Network Video Recorder

Xtrm Tek NVR includes Easy, Prime and Pro series, which can be adapted to different application scenarios. Xtrm Tek NVR has high-quality genes to ensure the reliability of devices and the whole system, focusing on user experience to simplify every operation process.

24 NVR-without screen_FR.png
NVR516-64 xiao.png

Virtual Management System

Our VMS offers a comprehensive solution by connecting other UNV products, such as IPC, NVR, decoder, network keyboard, access control host, alarm host, etc. 

Display & Control

Precision Manufacturing

High-quality manufacturing ensures stability and reliability

Perfect Display Effect

Give you an immersive visual experience

Excellent Structural Design

Easy to install and maintain

Professional Video Wall Controller

Powerful display control and management functions

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