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Product model:ST-TH01

Product Category:Temperature and Humidity Sensor


Product Color:White

Battery Type:Button Battery

Function Description

  • The sensor is built by a low-power wireless Zigbee module, which is power-saving and energy-saving.
  • Through the smart gateway, users can add devices, reset devices, third-party control and Zigbee group linkage control.
  • Support cell phone remote control and data viewing, to meet the smart home and other applications.
  • Open Smart life APP, add Hongshi temperature and humidity sensor, you can view the temperature and humidity change curve in real time, better control of indoor temperature and humidity adjustment.
  • Supported mobile phone operating systems: Android 4.0+; iOS 7.0+
  • Battery type: 3V CR2032

Certification:As Required


Net Weight:12 g

Warranty:12 month

Power Supply Type:Coin cell CR2032

Operation environment:Indoor

Temperature & Humidity Sensor 1