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Product model: LQ-WG01

Product Category: Wi-Fi Zigbee Gateway

Protocol: Wi-Fi,SigMesh

Product Color: White

Battery Type: NO

Function Description

  • This product integrates WIFI and ZigBee communication as one, and this device can control by both remote WIFI and local ZigBee. Also, you can cope without the Internet. WIFI signal and ZigBee signals are stable and reliable, with Wide-coverage, a great penetrating ability, strong anti-interference, low heat, and low power consumption. At the same time, the device uses the industry's advanced encryption mode to transmit information on WIFI and ZigBee terminals. That ensures network communication security and prevents malicious intrusion.

Certification: CE

Material: ABS

Product Size: 70*70*15 mm

Carton Size: 70*70*70 mm

Net Weight: 60 g

Warranty: 12 month

Power Supply Type: USB

Rated Power(W): 5

Rated Voltage(V): 5

Distance: 10

Max number of sub-devices: Unlimite

Adapter: Not match

Wireless smart gateway