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Product model: Aw201

Product Category: Door/Window Sensor

Protocol: Wi-Fi

Product Color: White, yellow, blue, purple

Battery Type: Dry Battery

Function Description

  • adopt ultra-low power consumption program control processing technology;
  • two general-purpose No. 7 batteries are used, which are easy to buy and last for more than half a year;
  • alarm of illegal door opening;
  • real time report if doors and windows are not closed properly; ◎ low battery reminder;
  • support apple and Android systems;
  • whole process integrated design, beautiful and exquisite;
  • Fifi standard IEEE802 11b / g / N wireless standard;
  • alarm output: WiFi transmission alarm;

Certification: RoHS

Product Size: 30*19*72 mm

Packing List: English manual * 1

Power Supply Type: lithium battery

Operation environment: Indoor

Wifi House Door Window Open Closed Sensor Detector Home Burglar Intruder Alarm