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High Available
When the controller detects the fault of the other controller, it automatically takes over the works of fault controller.
 Mirror write cache
Between controllers, write caches switch data by ��16 PCIe3.0, to ensure the integrity of the user data after failover
 Dynamic migration of virtual IP
When the controller takes over the fault controller, the virtual IP of fault controller will migrate to the controller to ensure the continuity of the service
Intelligent RAID Engine (ISET)
 Convenient RAID application
The RAID can be used immediately after being created. The system automatically initializes at the background.
 Free from the impact of abnormal RAID status
The performance of storage devices usually deteriorates in the case of RAID degradation. The Intelligent RAID Engine technology can be a shield against the impact of abnormal RAID status on services to ensure the normal operation of front-end monitoring services.
 Free from the influence of concurrent reading/writing
The IOPS multiplies when concurrent reading and writing occurs on a disk. The Intelligent RAID Engine technology can be a shield against the impact of video recording and playback to ensure the normal operation of front-end services.
 Cache algorithms for videos
Optimized read/write cache management algorithm, greatly improving access performance and extending the lifespan of HDDs.
 SSD Cache
The use of SSD Cache can be greatly improving access performance of hot data
 Dynamic adjustment of reconstruction speed
The system adjusts the reconstruction speed automatically based on the system conditions to reduce the impact of RAID reconstruction on services and to improve the effective utilization of system resources.
Super Error Correction (SEC)
 Automatic disk inspection and repair
The unique hard disk fault-tolerant processing algorithm ensures service continuity even when multiple disk errors exist in the array. Fault sectors can also be automatically repaired.
 Fast disk reconstruction
Data can be copied to a hot spare disk within a short period. This substantially reduces the read I/O of disk, speeds up the reconstruction, and avoids data loss.
 RAID superblock backup
Array composition is not affected when data in a certain sector cannot be read. In addition, damaged data can be repaired by using the backup sector to improve array reliability.
Data Protection
 Data safe box
Online embedded UPS protection and data safe box are provided to ensure secure writing of cache data into data safe box at unexpected power-off without data loss.
 Disk pre-copying
Pre-detection of failure is implemented to transfer data from risky disk to the hot spare disk.
 Disk protection
Once a disk error is detected, the disk repair process would automatically start. Data in the failed disk is recalculated from other disk in the array to remap the bad blocks of disk.
 Link protection
 ink aggregation and dynamic failover ensure the read/write bandwidth without affecting the availability of data channels.
Three Dimensional Linear Expansion
 Seamless expansion based on LUN resources
 4-port 4*12 Gbps Mini SAS HD interfaces for back-end expansion.
High-Quality Hardware Design
 High density
The innovative enclosure with mm depth and 4U height that holds up to 60disks, is space-saving and applicable to the standard rack-mounted scenarios.
 Carrier-class applications with high availability
The application of Intel 64-bit server platform architecture, 64-bit multi-core processor, ECC DDR4 memory, and 64-bit storage OS ensure excellent service continuity by providing stable and reliable data access. The system availability reaches up to 99.999%.
The system would be forced into the security mode in case of a failure. High-speed cache data is stored in the data safe box. Storage media in the data safe box can roam to the new system together with the array disk. The system can be recovered securely and conveniently.
 Dual BIOS
When the active BIOS fails to start, the system automatically detects the failure and switches to the standby BIOS. This ensures reliable system startup and BIOS update.
 Redundant power supplies
The hot-swappable power supply is designed in redundancy and load balancing mode. Automatic power switching in case of failure and online replacement of failed power supply are supported.
 Overload protection
The mechanism of hardware overload protection is provided. When the temperature reaches the protection threshold, the system automatically turns off to protect the disk data.
 When CPU and memory malfunction or reach the protection threshold, the system automatically sends alarm messages through mails, short messages, and SNMP Trap.
 Power protection
Disk powered on sequentially during system startup, protection from impulse current.
 Multistage fan speed and energy saving
Fans with multistage speed are configured in the hot-swappable frame in redundancy mode. System power consumption can be balanced intelligently with heat dissipation calculation to ensure low power consumption and stable operation of the system.
 Convenient maintenance
Functions as indicator alarm, mail alarm, beep alarm, SNMP Trap alarm and SMS alarm are supported.
Automatic startup after unexpected power-off, and timed startup and shutdown are also available.
The environmental monitoring function allows the monitoring of the utilization of network interface and CPU, the querying of the access of LUN and RAID, as well as the management of device voltage and temperature. In this way, administrators can comprehensively inspect system operation condition and reasonably allocate resources to maximize the device performance.
Green Technology and Energy Conservation
 Selected power supplies with high PF and conversion efficiency
 Intel CPU with cutting-edge process technology and advanced architecture
 Particularly selected chips with low power consumption for service model of video surveillance
 Unique simplified design of board
Reduced component type and quantity, under the affirmatory premise of the function, performance and reliability
 Multistage fan speed
Several temperature sensors are configured and built inside to intelligently control the fan speed.
 Hibernation for unoccupied disks
 Intelligent cache design
Reasonably sort and buffer the read/write data by intelligent algorithm reduce the disk read/write times��and reduce the hard disk power consumption.