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  • The image acquisition and display card adopts full hardware FPGA architecture and adopts a self-developed core image processing strategy, which has excellent processing performance. The main control system uses an embedded Linux operating system to support stable operation for 7 x 24 hours.
  • Plug-in box design, input card, output card, switch card, main control card, fan frame, power supply and other modules are all plug-in card designs.
  • The advanced PCI-E switching chip in the industry. Adopts PCI-E bus to realize high-speed data transmission technology of full switching dispatching architecture. Each signal has its dedicated channel for transmission, which ensures the complete real-time display of all signal images. At the same time, arbitrary mixing of input and output cards is realized.
  • Resolution Real-time Total Adaptation technology, That is to say, a single device can support multiple TV walls with different resolutions, dividing all output channels into four groups of different TV walls, and each TV wall can customize different output resolutions.
  • It supports window opening, screen splitting, roaming and zooming operations at any position on the TV wall. There is no boundary restriction on the area of the screen display. Through the unique video processing algorithm, the picture quality is guaranteed not to be lost in the zooming process.
  • Supporting the "Picture in Picture" function, other video pictures can be superimposed at any position of the existing pictures on the TV wall, making the layout more flexible and free.
  • Support to save the TV wall business layout as a scene, easy to access at any time, up to 64 scenes can be saved, and support inter-scene rotation.
  • Hot-swap fan frame design, realize intelligent temperature control of equipment fan, distribute according to need, control system heat dissipation and noise at an ideal level.
  • Intelligent monitoring of power supply and temperature is realized. When power supply and temperature abnormalities occur in the single-point card, a single-point control switch is realized to ensure the normal operation of the equipment.
  • It has a variety of equipment models and optional chassis sizes. Each model has different maximum input and output channels to adapt to different sizes of the system scale.
  • The system automatically identifies the type of card and its in-place state, temperature, running time, memory usage and CPU usage
  • Supporting Fine Pixel LED display 
  • There are abundant video signal input interfaces: HDMI, DVI, VGA
  • Support DVI signal output.

Video Wall Controller

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