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Product model:CT80WR

Product Category:PIR Motion Detector


Product Color:Red

Battery Type:Lithium Battery

Function Description

  • remote mobile app control;
  • 24-hour alert mode with sound and light;
  • 24-hour silent mode, light and silence;
  • intelligent judgment, no alarm during the day, alert at night
  • disturbing mode, silent alarm at night;
  • whole process waterproof patented structure, easy installation, no debugging and wiring;
  • detection angle: 110 degrees;
  • detection distance: 9-12M;
  • pet jamming false alarm 25kg
  • adopt digital design judgment and zero false alarm;
  • patented Fresnel lens is adopted to effectively overcome sunlight interference and false alarm;


Packing List:Remote control

Power Supply Type:lithium battery

Operation environment:Outdoor

Solar PIR Motion Detector 1

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